Gaming Setup

Vu Smart TV

3rd Monitor

2rd Monitor


BlueYeti Mic






Playstation 4

Disclaimer: None of these products are Sponsored or Paid Promotion, I purchased it only because I needed them in my price budget.

I dont have any RGB thingys on my Setup, Cause that thingy to be honest, is rarely used or for making YouTube Gaming Setup video one time thingy…

I don’t really use PS4 for gaming anymore, at this point, it works like a Firestick alternative to watch Netflix or PrimeVideo.
I might sell it for a good negotiable price that fits me or keep it as a souvenir for future actions.

And Speaking about Games, apart from Last Of Us and Uncharted, I have none.

I don’t really need this as of now But talking about iPhone, I might switch from Android to IOS to see if it is worth it or not.

We all have dreams of buying luxury products, for me, fashion was never the desire, I could be wearing the same fashion for the next 2-5 years, Obviously cleaned and hygenic LOL.

I grew up playing Video games, and I always had envy on this guy called ” Barnacules Nerdgasm  ”  During my school days of 2010 ish .His YouTube Link:

And I wanted to have my own gaming space and setup soo badly but this shit was way expensive during those days, so yeah that day [ 2011 ] I decided to start to save money and have my own gaming room.
And Speaking about Mobile Gaming, I was never the type of guy to be an addict or fancy purchasing Mobile Phones like Iphone or Samsung Note Series, no hate to the mobile community but I am not really interested in those devices, cause I already discovered the dirty privacy and tracking system involved in GPS and mobiles in 2014 ” Shout out to Edward Snowden” .

Obviously, these purchases are expenses, not an investment, but hey at least I investment in something that makes me happy for the long run and it cured a few of my problems and boredom during the lockdown.

Disclaimer: I am new to this flex Gaming setup video making, so yeah it might cringe plz ignore it. I also wanted to like make a video log entry to recollect my past of how my gaming setup used to look like…XD